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Providing Compassionate Care

Senior Care
Skilled Nursing
Special Needs

We take pride in providing the utmost compassionate quality care by educating families, reassuring independence and promoting senior health and wellness. Our caregivers receive specialized training to care for seniors with chronic illnesses, Alzheimer's disease and dementia.We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to support families during this difficult time. 

 We provide compassionate one-on-one  private duty nursing in the comfort and safe haven of your home. We strive to give families a peace of mind in knowing their loved ones' complex medical needs are being met daily.

From the moment a child has been identified as medically fragile or placed in the category of needing more medical attention than average, compassionate care is necessary and can make a huge difference in the child’s quality of life and development. Whether it is a genetic disorder, management of a medical condition from birth, or even one that has presented itself over time, our team of skilled nurses are here to help in a genuine nurturing way.

We value children and adults with Disabilities /Special Needs by developing personalized initial and ongoing homecare plans to meet the client's, family, and your multidisciplinary team desires, requests, wishes, and needs.

We have the experience. We understand your needs.

Nurse and Homecare Patient

Here at Legacy Healthcare Advantage, we believe in cherishing every moment in life. We develop personalized homecare plans with a heart of compassion and a consideration of love for our clients, family, friends, and community.

Legacy Healthcare Advantage began with thorough graduate and personal experience. Dr. Wilkes( The Nurse Doctor) founded Legacy Healthcare Advantage, with a passion to help others live their best life and excel in their careers.


Founded in South Carolina, during her 12 years of bedside nursing and University Nursing Educator experience, she noticed the shortage of compassion, resources, and care for the elderly. She was determined to build a legacy by helping others live their best life, and create a new norm for an industry needing a leader such as herself. She prides herself and Legacy Healthcare Advantage on providing compassion, care, and quality for everyone involved.


It was a way of walking into a purpose after personal experience with enduring the health decline and passing of two major Matriarchs of her family. She sought this as beginning a home that allows a genuine compassionate healthcare professionals to freely embrace and care for families throughout various stages of life.


This “Nurse Doctor” humility and her highly accomplished career led her to begin helping others seeking an opportunity in the healthcare industry. To create a long-lasting career in a thriving industry, with a lot of potential.


Join a family that loves those you care for dearly and provides nothing less than the highest quality service. We look forward to having you join our family and experience a level of unmatched care and compassion.

Are You a Parent, Guardian, or Case Manager Seeking Assistance for a Loved One or a Client?

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