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The Legacy Patient Care Promise

The Legacy Mission


Our Mission – Our heartfelt mission is to be the unwavering beacon of compassionate community healthcare, embracing lives with profound care, igniting hope even in the darkest moments, and leaving behind a timeless legacy of strength and enduring impact for those facing health challenges. Guided by highly qualified and extensively trained healthcare professionals, we provide unparalleled expertise and unwavering compassion, ensuring that every individual receives the exceptional care they deserve.

The Legacy Vision


Our Vision – With unwavering devotion, we embody profound and compassionate care, leaving an everlasting impact on those we serve. Guided by a heart overflowing with empathy, we tirelessly strive to elevate the health, dignity, balance, and wholeness of each individual entrusted to our care. From the very first encounter and in every subsequent interaction, our purpose is to surpass expectations, fostering enduring connections with our clients, their families, and our dedicated team. Through meticulous training, unparalleled customer service, and collaborative support programs, we extend our reach far beyond our immediate sphere, aspiring to be recognized as the pinnacle of patient-centered Home Health agencies in the United States. Our unwavering integrity, boundless compassion, tireless advocacy, resourcefulness, and unwavering commitment to excellence distinguish us in our quest to make a lasting difference.

"With  Our Loyalty, Your Trust, We Evolve."

Certified Home Health Aides and/or Certified Nursing Assistants

Trained in accordance to Hospital/REHAB/LTC policies

Personalized care for your loved one

Maintain communication between loved ones by providing detailed hourly care notes

Encourage mental or physical activities

Prevent patient from falls

Assist or complete personal care and baths

Prevent pressure ulcers and skin breakdown by performing skin care and maintaining turn schedules

Promote hydration or prevent fluid overload by monitoring intake and output

Promote circulation and strength building by ensuring ambulation, active/passive range of motion or exercises are performed daily

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