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Career Opportunities

“Compassion To Transform, Build, & Grow Teams into Families”

Steps to begin your Career at Legacy Healthcare


Submit your application. Ensure all information is correct, including contact information and the position you're seeking.


You are assigned a personal 

Legacy Career representative. We will schedule a free consultation to gather a personalized in-depth report and/or any missing details.


We begin to match you with qualified career opportunities based on your specified criteria, personalized report and any of your specific requests. 

Here at Legacy Healthcare Advantage, our priority is getting to know you.


We will strive to connect you with the perfect position that is aligned with your goals and beliefs.


We understand the obstacles, stress, and worries that come along with finding that perfect opportunity.


Let us help you understand various healthcare environments and match you with mentors that will help guide your career path. We provide an abundance of networking opportunities, increasing the chance that you will meet your ideal future employers before committing.

Do you feel it's Time for a Change?

Do you feel stuck on the Success Ladder?

Do you feel you have outgrown your current position?

Do you work in an overly stressed environment?

Do you have family obligations that require a job change?

Do you want a stable full-time rewarding career?

Do you require health benefits for you and your family?

Do you want a great paying reliable part-time position?

If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. We understand your needs and provide long-term solutions for the constant changing Healthcare Arena. We're ecstatic you're here, let’s build your career and grow together!


Legacy Healthcare Advantage is a Millennial solution to the Healthcare Arena. We are passionate about building relationships that last an eternity and building a legacy for those seeking career growth opportunities. 


Our pledge to be truthful, trustworthy, uphold accountability and remain professional, unites us all.

Begin Your Healthcare Legacy Today!

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