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“Compassion To Transform, Build, & Grow Teams into Families”

Steps to begin building your Legacy Team


Complete our registration form. Input all important details in regards to the position you seek to fill and the time frame needed.


Your organization is assigned a Legacy Career representative. We will schedule a consultation to develop an in-depth report about your company, and the ideal candidates you seek.


We begin to match you with qualified healthcare professionals based on your specified criteria, company report and any of your specific requests. 

We believe in building legacies. You're going to love our process.

We have the art of finding a long-lasting candidate, down to a science, and we've happened to perfect it. This secret has been searched for and attempted to be recreated but it's never the same. Our secret here at Legacy Healthcare Advantage is simple, we become a part of your team before any of our candidates do. Here's our formula:




We ensure the highest quality candidates for your organization. Selecting to work with us is selecting to work with your company's best team player. 

We learn everything about you.

  • We get to know everything about your needs and current obstacles. Our team gets in depth with questions and past struggles to identify your true necessities and how we can bring a resolution.



We've become risk experts.

  • Our experience with hundreds of candidates helps us identify early signs of red flags, allowing us to eliminate any surprises and ensure you’re satisfied.


We only work with verified & qualified providers.

  • Our credentialing process is one of the most intricate in the healthcare industry, each and every provider is qualified prior to being referred. Our pool of qualified professionals is growing by the day. You can be assured that the right fit is in our hands.

Contract-to-Direct Hire Resolutions


Contract-to-Hire is becoming the New-Normal for staff retention. This resolution allows both the employer and candidate to experience a trail before fully committing. Both parties are granted the opportunity to truly experience if this is the best decision.


Important Fact: In the next decade, 13.5 percent of all practicing doctors in South Carolina will be 65 or older, growing closer to retirement. While those 55 years old to 64 years old account for about 27 percent of South Carolinas practicing physicians, the AAMC reports. This will increase the shortage of doctors in South Carolina significantly. Don’t be caught off guard, Let us help you recruit your next candidate today!

Short-Term Resolutions


Are you in need extra staff member for a particular occasion? We are here to resolve your short-term staffing problems. Our short-term resolutions are very flexible whether you're in  need of a


  • Medical Doctor

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Registered Nurse

  • Patient Care Assistant

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Medical Assistant

  • And Many More!


Let us take the worry away and keep you fully staffed. We have the ability and staff to customize resolutions to relieve you.

Direct Placement Resolutions


We take our direct-hire candidates through a residency program to ensure we unite them with the best position. The candidates are given mentors, allowed to shadow those in positions they're interested in, provided specialty orientation for the field of interest and provided with weekly motivational quotes.


We ultimately are transparent to the candidates regarding the employer's needs and goals they're looking to accomplish. We take into considerations candidates personalities, experience, career short/long-term goals to decide on the best position and environment.


Important Fact: Out of 50 states South Carolina ranked 4th to have the greatest shortages of Nurses by 2030. The estimated # of Nurses in SC by 2030 is 52,100. The projected demand is at 62,500. The eye-opening difference between nurses needed and available is 10,400 (shortage). The report provided by the US Health Resources and Services Administration.

Register Your Organization Today!

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